Behind the Scenes: Filler

Another “behind the scenes” post…

This time, let’s talk filler. Filler is everything that “fills” in the space between the movies.

We have 5 major categories of filler:




Short/Medium/Long (randomly chosen)


Of course, there’s special advertisements/occasionals/etc that we add by hand, as well. But for the purpose of this, we’ll just be covering the main 5 categories.

The hardest part is getting a good random mix of filler since Roku doesn’t have a randomization subroutine, yet. So we turn to Lurch. Using a bit of code, Lurch can turn out a nicely randomized list of filler for us to slot (yes, slotting of everything is still done by hand).

Here’s a small sample:

Blip: I Got Kills – 00:00:31

Cartoon: Nursery Scandal – 00:05:31

Burlesque: Sheree Tiger Dance – 00:02:08

Trailer: The 7 Brothers Meet Dracula – 00:02:36

Long: Sleep for Health – 00:10:44

Short: Kevin Ryan – Sierra Nevada Pale Ale – 00:00:60

Burlesque: Indian Love – 00:01:38

Trailer: Assault of the Killer Bimbos – 00:01:50

Blip: Tarantula – 00:00:31

Cartoon: The Tuba Tooter – 00:06:43

0: In Memoriam

Trailer: Cannibal Girls – 00:01:31

Burlesque: Peeping Toms Paradise – 00:02:56

Medium: Make Mine Freedom – 00:09:30

Blip: Dr Black and Mr Hyde – 00:00:31

Cartoon: Comin’ Round the Mountain – 00:06:52

The actual list Lurch is set to generate as filler is about 4 times as long. But my main concern is if we’re overusing or underusing any of the categories? Too many or too few blips, cartoons, burlesque, or trailers?

You tell us, and we’ll adjust it as needed!