Next Week: 2019-11-10

Here’s what’s coming up next week on OtherWorlds Television:

Drainiac (2000)
“Some teenagers in an old house find that there’s something evil in the water.”

Mama Dracula (1980)
“A female vampire must bathe in the blood of virgins in order to stay alive. The trouble is that virgins are in short supply nowadays, and she is running into major problems in finding one.”

Terror in the Haunted House (1958)
“A newlywed is terrified when her husband brings her to live in the old house that figures in her recurring nightmare.”

She Freak (1967)
“Claire Brennen stars as a waitress who leaves the greasy-diner business for the excitement of the carnival. She quickly discovers that she despises freaks and human oddities.”

Vampire Vixens from Venus (1995)
“Hideous in their original form, four alien drug smugglers transform into beautiful women on Earth. The drug is derived from draining the “life essence” from men. Hot on their trail are both the local police and intergalactic DEA. Packed with eye-popping state-of-the-art special effects and stereo sound, VAMPIRE VIXENS FROM VENUS is a sexy, funny, sci-fi thriller.”

Cosmic Blast (2018)
“The second Sci Fi from More-on Productions. The Universe is at war. Both sides ready to kill without question. Meanwhile Two brothers find a derelict space ship and start up a space …”

Disgusting Spaceworms Eat Everyone!! (1988)
“Look at the title. There you go.”

The Devils Gift (1984)
“An evil demon that inhabits a monkey doll takes over the mind of a suburban housewife to carry out its plans.”

Terror Creatures From the Grave (1965)
“An attorney arrives at a castle to settle the estate of its recently deceased owner. The owner’s wife and daughter reveal that he was someone who was able to summon the souls of ancient plague victims and, in fact, his spirit was roaming the castle at that very moment. Soon occupants of the castle begin to die off in gruesome, violent ways.”

House of Mystery (1934)
“Out of the Mystic Temples of Old India crept this terrible Monster … to wreak vengeance of the Hindu Gods … One by one its victims fell with not a trace of the bloody assassin.”

Touch of Death (1988)
“A reporter interviews fighters and promoters about Bruce Lee, intercut with footage from old Bruce Lee films and pseudo-documentary footage.”

The Black Six (1973)
“A black high school student is caught dating a white girl by the girl’s brother. He and his biker gang beat the boy to death. The boy’s brother, who is a member of a black biker gang, hears about it and comes to town to avenge his brother’s death.”

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