Next Week: 2020-02-16

Here’s what’s coming up next week on OtherWorlds Television:

A Cold Night’s Death (1973)
overview”:”Scientists Culp and Wallach suspect that there is someone other than their research primates inhabiting their polar station.”

Sex Madness (1938)
overview”:”Sex Madness (1938) is an exploitation film directed by Dwain Esper, along the lines of Reefer Madness, supposedly to warn teenagers and young adults of the dangers of venereal diseases, specifically syphilis. Wild parties, lesbianism, and premarital sex are some of the forms of madness portrayed. The educational aspect of the film allowed it to portray a taboo subject which was otherwise forbidden by the Production Code of 1930, and its stricter version imposed by Hollywood studios in July 1934.”

Savage Encounter (1980)
overview”:”A honeymooning couple take a vacation in a remote country bungalow. Before long, they’re visited by two backwoods psychos. Terror, assault, and rape are inevitable. The U.S. video release from Genesis (released in 1988 under the title DEMON LUST) is missing ten minutes.”

JD’s Revenge (1976)
overview”:”A college student is possessed by a 40’s era gangster.”

Dr Jekyll’s Dungeon of Death (1979)
overview”:”The great grandson of the original Dr. Jekyll kidnaps people and experments on them with the aggression serum created by his great grand dad.”

Death Steps in the Dark (1977)
overview”:”An Italian reporter is travelling on the Instabul-Athens train. A woman is murdered with the reporter’s letter-opener so that makes him the main suspect. With the help of his Swedish girlfriend he starts investigating in order to prove his innocence.”

Rebellious Daughters (1938)
overview”:”Girl moves out of her parents house against their wishes. Gets a job in a dress shop, gets mixed up with dirty pictures and blackmail.”

Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome (1947)
overview”:”A gang of criminals, which includes a piano player and an imposing former convict known as ‘Gruesome’, has found out about a scientist’s secret formula for a gas that temporarily paralyzes anyone who breathes it. When Gruesome accidentally inhales some of the gas and passes out, the police think he is dead and take him to the morgue, where he later revives and escapes. This puzzling incident attracts the interest of Dick Tracy, and when the criminals later use the gas to rob a bank, Tracy realizes that he must devote his entire attention to stopping them.”

The Power (1968)
overview”:”Spies, cops and armed children cross paths on a day of danger, mystery and possible transformation. Five unusual characters are unknowingly connected to an extraordinary smuggling operation, as religious conspiracy collides with urban crime.”

Hell High (1989)
overview”:”A teacher with a paranormal gift and a dark past, is forced to her limits when she becomes the target of a gang of teenagers. After spying on the vulnerable woman as she showers, they break into her home, humiliate and assault her. Something inside this reclusive teacher snaps and the thirst for vengence takes over. Bloody and clad in lingerie, she mutilates her attackers using some rather interesting and gory methods.”

The Haunted (1991)
overview”:”Workaholic Jim Evers and his wife\/business partner, Sara get a call one night from mansion owner, Edward Gracey wants to sell his house. Once the Evers family arrive at the mansion a butler takes them to dine with Gracey. Gracey takes one look at Sara and he thinks she’s his lost lover.”

Zombie Lake (1981)
overview”:”3 girls drive miles away on the outskirts of Shadow Grove to a secluded cottage beside a lake. Unbeknownst to them, evil spirits lie in the woods and there’s a dead body in the water that won’t stay down.”

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