ATTENTION LURKER’S Serious Stuff Ahead.

Our Portal Technician, Charles Winthrop, had a talk with our account rep at Vimeo this morning after receiving a concerning email from them last night.

Vimeo is our CDN (Content Delivery Network). They host the actual video files that play on the channel. (No, we can’t use YouTube, it doesn’t work that way.)

They have decided that we need to start paying more for them to host our videos. To the tune of $4,725 a year, payable up front. Currently our plan costs us $240/year.

This is not just targeting our account but All Vimeo customers who use as much (or more) bandwidth as we do. We’ve been given until March 16 to go to the higher amount or they will suspend our account. Oh, and if we do get cut off on the 16th, there’s NO refund, pro-rated or otherwise for our current contract.

We are not asking for the funds for this because what’s to say if we did pay the new amount they don’t pull the same thing next month. We have a year contract with them that is being completely ignored, so no reason to trust them..

So the best plan of action is looking for a new CDN (again, we can’t use YouTube!). If you have ANY actual info on a good hosting service, PLEASE let us know right away! We are already talking with Amazon and our web hosting service Digital Ocean so those two are covered.

If you have any other actual, feasible ideas, speak up, please! We’ll keep everyone posted, but there is a real possibility of a indefinite channel interruption starting on the 16th.