Daily Update! 03/12/2020

We’re going to do a full test in a few days with a regular schedule of shows, like normal. Run it for 24 hours, and see how much it costs. From there we can get a pretty good ballpark of how much it will cost per month.

The good thing about the CDN we chose is they operate on a “pay as you go” plan, sort of like Tracfone cellular service. You deposit x amount, and they let you know when you run out (they have a monitor available in the admin panel so you know how much you have left at any given time).

Just to be on the safe side, I’d like to run this test with about $100 “in the tank” so to speak. That would cover the demand we’re expecting, and have a bit left over afterwards.

Currently we only have $20 in the OtherWorlds account because we have already paid for a year of ITVC and Vimeo (and they aren’t refunding us.). You KNOW how much I hate to ask, but if people could throw some funding our way to do the testing I would greatly appreciate it. We are already working on other ways to fund the channel, like advertising, but they require the channel to be up and running first.

If you want to help, the fastest way is through Paypal