Next Week: 2020-04-19

Here’s what’s coming up next week on OtherWorlds Television:

Seven in Darkness (1969)
overview: A plane carrying seven blind people to a convention for the blind in Seattle crashes in the mountains due to severe weather. Only the blind survive the crash and they must make their way back through the wilderness to civilization.

Girl Gang (1954)
overview: A story of a wild girl, Minako Shima (Mari Ibuki), who finds a peck o f trouble when she gets involved with a lowlevel yakuza toughguy.

Creatures From the Abyss (1994)
overview: Five teenagers embark on a boating trip off the coast of Florida. The teens get hopelessly lost at sea after they get caught in a fierce storm. Fortunately, the quintet stumble across an abandoned yacht in the middle of the ocean with a mysterious biology lab on board it. Unfortunately, there are also ferocious mutated prehistoric fish running amok on the yacht. Will any of the teens survive this harrowing ordeal?

Dracula Blows His Cool (1979)
overview: An ancestor of the famous vampire gets a job as a photographer shooting beautiful fashion models at the family estate.

TNT Jackson (1974)
overview: A woman encounters thugs and drug dealers after traveling to Hong Kong to search for her missing brother.

Psycho Cop (1989)
overview: Retrospective documentary on the making of the low-budget horror slasher film Psycho Cop Returns (1993).

Movie in Action (1987)
overview: A movie crew is shooting in Thailand when some military guys kidnap the female star. The crew decide to fight back to get the movie star while shooting their movie.

Tooth Fairy (2018)
overview: When Santa receives Hans’ letter too late to deliver him a toy, Santa and the Tooth Fairies join forces to finish Hans’ present before midnight strikes.

Delta Delta Die (2003)
overview: Mother Fitch (Julie Strain) and her girls have an insatiable taste for men; their flesh that is. The Delta Delta Pi sorority girls are not only the most popular and wealthy on campus, but also the most deadly. Now, as they prepare for their 20th anniversary homecoming, a meddlesome student has enlisted the help of DDP charter member Rhonda Cooper (Brinke). Together they attempt to end the sorority’s reign of culinary terror that grips the California campus.

Mansion of the Ghost Cat (1958)
overview: The descendant of the servant of a cruel and vicious samurai returns to the town where she was born, only to find that a cat who is possessed by the spirits of those murdered by the samurai is trying to kill her.

Man in the Attic (1953)
overview: Based on a true story from 1910, this tells the story of a young man who is hidden in an attic by his older lover.

Rats – Night of Terror (1984)
overview: One hundred years after a nuclear war has devastated the planet, society has been reborn into two factions; the underground society and the scavangers above in the wastelands. A group of scavangers on bikes come across a town infested with flesh eating rats, and soon the gore is spilling everywhere.

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