Next Week: 2020-05-03

Here’s what’s coming up next week on OtherWorlds Television:

Dr Hekyll and Mr Hype (1980)
TMDB has no data for this movie! Guess you’ll have to watch it to see what it’s about!

Estate of Insanity (1964)
overview: A lord returns to his manor with his new wife, to hear rumours that he had already secretly returned and had committed several murders. Has he lost his mind, or is something dark afoot ?

Witchdoctor of the Living Dead (1985)
overview: An evil witch doctor terrorizes an innocent village. He has the ability to change into a goat, and calls up an army of zombies to destroy anyone who stands in his way. The good priest and his allies must try to stop him.

Witchs Curse (1963)
overview: Maciste travels to Hell to find a witch and make her undo a curse she put on the surface world.

The Naked Witch (1964)
overview: College student Stephen accidently awakens Beth, a witch put to death back in the 1800’s who begins a wave of killing as well as terrorizing him.

One Naked Night (1965)
overview: After the death of her prostitute mother, a young woman travels to New York City only to find herself in the clutches of lecherous men and deviate women. She tries to avoid the fast nightlife lifestyle, but she finds it more difficult than it sounds.

Mandy the Haunted Doll (2018)
overview: Three burglars will soon realise they are not alone in a manor house when they discover a doll mysteriously appearing.

The Queen of Black Magic (1981)
overview: A woman is seduced by and cast aside by a fickle lover. When the lover marries another woman who starts hallucinating during their wedding, she is accused of being a witch and thrown to her death over a cliff. A strange man rescues her, nurses her back to health, and is told that she must master black magic in order to exact vengeance on her tormentors. She casts a variety of spells over the populace–with the male population as her favorite target, and becomes the queen of black magic. But who, exactly, is the man, and does he have other plans?

Night of the Bloody Apes (1969)
overview: A surgeon transplants the heart of an ape into his ailing son with horrific results.

Its Alive (1969)
overview: An epidemic of mutant monster babies sweeps America.

Help Me I’m Possessed (1976)
overview: A mad doctor runs a sanitarium in the desert, where his hunchbacked servant whips women who are chained in the basement and cuts the legs off bodies so they’ll fit in the caskets.

The Day Mars Invaded Earth (1963)
overview: Martians replace scientist & his family to pave way for invasion.

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