Next Week: 2020-08-16

Here’s what’s coming up next week on OtherWorlds Television:

Cyborg Assassin – Legend of the Space Ninja (2014)
overview: A cybernetic ninja must protect a feudal society of spaceship dwellers from a sadistic demon lord.

Carnival Lady (1933)
overview: When his bank fails, a young man loses not only all his money but his fiancée, deserts him, too. Depressed, he joins a circus.

The Curse (1987)
overview: A cash strapped student who starts working the night shift at a Museum suspects that one of the exhibits, a creepy vintage doll named Robert, is alive and wreaking havoc after hours.

The Perfect Woman (1949)
overview: An alien king sends two of his most loyal–and, as it turns out, stupidest–subjects to Earth to find him a queen to help rule his planet.

The Hellcats (1968)
overview: The brother and fiancee of a dead policeman infiltrate a female-led biker gang to uncover his murderer.

The Hackers (1988)
overview: THE 414s tells the story of the first widely recognized computer hackers, a group of Milwaukee teenagers who gained notoriety in 1983 when they broke into dozens of high-profile computer systems, including the Los Alamos National Laboratory, a classified nuclear weapons research facility.

Moon Rock City (2017)
overview: In the future, a band of misfits uncovers the saga of an infamous rock star. Their journey takes them deep into the legend surrounding the destruction of mankind’s first colony on the Moon, as they fight the largest music entity to save rock ‘n’ roll.

This House Possessed (1981)
overview: After having a nervous breakdown, a rock singer has to spend some time in hospital. A private nurse is hired, and with her he buys a new house, a fantastic house in the country. The nurse, Sheila, can’t remember the first years of her life, but this house seems strangely familiar to her. Also, there is this strange old woman who claims that Sheila’s real name is Margaret. People who cause Sheila pain or who try to tell her the real story of what happened in this house, they die in strange ways: Tanya, the girlfriend of the singer, and the Library woman who wants to give her some newspaper articles. Can Sheila find out the truth behind all this and can she escape the house that possessed once and wants to possess once more?

Superbug, Super Agent (1972)
overview: Jimmy Bondi and his miracle beetle Dudu are on their way to Portugal by sea. In the Algarve, they are witness to a dispute in which ex-inmate Plato and the attractive Tamara have to do with Marchese de la Sotta and his henchmen.

Hollywoods New Blood (1988)
overview: The ghosts of a family accidentally killed on a movie set come back for revenge.

Scream of the Butterfly (1965)
overview: A beautiful woman marries a rich man for his money, then embarks on an affair and plans to use her boyfriend to help murder her husband.

Mardi Gras Massacre (1978)
overview: Police try to capture someone who is commiting ritual murders of women during Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

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