Technical Difficulties

We are experiencing technical difficulties with the channel. Please bear with us as we try to figure out where the problem is originating and fix it. Thank you for your patience.

Back up for a few days, maybe more.

The 24 hour test went well! So now, why don’t we try it for a few days? No voting this week, and we can’t guarantee there won’t be any outages. But things may be getting back to abnormal around here.

NOTE: We won’t be back on the air until Midnight Eastern.

Daily Update! 03/12/2020

We’re going to do a full test in a few days with a regular schedule of shows, like normal. Run it for 24 hours, and see how much it costs. From there we can get a pretty good ballpark of how much it will cost per month.

The good thing about the CDN we chose is they operate on a “pay as you go” plan, sort of like Tracfone cellular service. You deposit x amount, and they let you know when you run out (they have a monitor available in the admin panel so you know how much you have left at any given time).

Just to be on the safe side, I’d like to run this test with about $100 “in the tank” so to speak. That would cover the demand we’re expecting, and have a bit left over afterwards.

Currently we only have $20 in the OtherWorlds account because we have already paid for a year of ITVC and Vimeo (and they aren’t refunding us.). You KNOW how much I hate to ask, but if people could throw some funding our way to do the testing I would greatly appreciate it. We are already working on other ways to fund the channel, like advertising, but they require the channel to be up and running first.

If you want to help, the fastest way is through Paypal

Daily update:

We’re slowly moving into our new CDN, and running a metric buttload of tests. Things are moving slowly in the right direction!

We should be back on the air in a few days!

ATTENTION LURKER’S Serious Stuff Ahead.

Our Portal Technician, Charles Winthrop, had a talk with our account rep at Vimeo this morning after receiving a concerning email from them last night.

Vimeo is our CDN (Content Delivery Network). They host the actual video files that play on the channel. (No, we can’t use YouTube, it doesn’t work that way.)

They have decided that we need to start paying more for them to host our videos. To the tune of $4,725 a year, payable up front. Currently our plan costs us $240/year.

This is not just targeting our account but All Vimeo customers who use as much (or more) bandwidth as we do. We’ve been given until March 16 to go to the higher amount or they will suspend our account. Oh, and if we do get cut off on the 16th, there’s NO refund, pro-rated or otherwise for our current contract.

We are not asking for the funds for this because what’s to say if we did pay the new amount they don’t pull the same thing next month. We have a year contract with them that is being completely ignored, so no reason to trust them..

So the best plan of action is looking for a new CDN (again, we can’t use YouTube!). If you have ANY actual info on a good hosting service, PLEASE let us know right away! We are already talking with Amazon and our web hosting service Digital Ocean so those two are covered.

If you have any other actual, feasible ideas, speak up, please! We’ll keep everyone posted, but there is a real possibility of a indefinite channel interruption starting on the 16th.


New host

Greetings Lurkers!

Another horror host has stepped through the portal to join us.

Uncle Edward’s It Came From the Basement will be premiering this Saturday on OtherWorlds TV

Something New This Saturday

So we’re trying something new this weekend. We have more Hosts, so we’re changing the Saturday schedule to support them.

Additionally, we’re testing a new subroutine to “fill in” short feature timeslots so we aren’t continually showing filler between features.

(note: these are not permanent timeslots for hosts, they will be rotated weekly)

To that end, here’s what you’ll be seeing tomorrow:

12:00am FORMERLY CRAPPICS with Freezer Mortis – (047) Black Dragons (1942)
02:00am Dr. Destruction’s Crimson Theatre – A Bucket of Blood (1959)
04:00am Creature Features – Dream Demon (1988)
06:00am Riggor Mortiss Presents – (110) Werewolf in a Girls’ Dormitory (1961)
08:00am Miss Misery’s Movie Massacre – The Phantom of the Opera (1925)
10:00am Basement of Baron Morbid – The Ghoul (1933)
11:30am One Step Beyond – (206) The Inheritance
12:00pm Oliver’s Twisted BBMMSF…Freakshow – The Solarnauts (1967)
01:00pm The Veil – The Gloucester Captain
01:30pm ULTRAMAN – The Mysterious Dinosaur Base
02:00pm Len and Jim Take Over – Crazy Food Pairings
02:30pm Ambassador Magma – (Ep07) The Victorios Monster
03:00pm One Step Beyond – (307) To Know the End
03:30pm The Veil – Destination Nightmare
04:00pm Angry Brothers Omaha Shock O Rama – (Ep240) For Your Height Only (1981)
04:30pm Queen of the Zombie Galaxy (2010)
05:00pm Glitterball (1977)
06:00pm FORMERLY CRAPPICS with Freezer Mortis – (047) Black Dragons (1942) (Encore)
08:00pm Dr. Destruction’s Crimson Theatre – A Bucket of Blood (1959)(Encore)
10:00pm Creature Features – Dream Demon (1988)(Encore)