Halloween 2020 Contest

Let’s just come out and say it, 2020 has been a shit show…

Luckily, we still have OtherWorlds TV to help distract us for a little while between crises… And since it IS almost Halloween (on a Saturday, during a full moon, no less), we decided at the last minute to have a little contest.

One prize, One winner, randomly chosen by Lurch on Halloween night. Enter as many times as you like, but Lurch will feed duplicate entries to the residents of the Farm.

The prize? A DVD! What’s on the DVD? Something so horrifyingly scary that any Lurker will cower in fear just from watching it!

How do you enter? Just fill out this form, hit “Submit,” and that’s it! We will notify the winner by email at Midnight (Eastern time) on the night of Halloween, and their prize will be winging its merry little way to them the following Monday!

As always, we won’t be giving out or selling your information to ANYONE, and ALL entries will be destroyed immediately after the drawing.