Behind the Scenes

The people (and things) who work hard every day to share the vision of the Hosts and Creators.


Charles Winthrop, accidental chrononaut, retired super hero, researcher, inventor, and harbinger of Chaos, started OtherWorlds TV as a way to fulfill a wish to our dear friend, Mistress Rhonda of Bizarre TV. After Rhonda died, Bizarre TV ended with nobody at the controls to keep it running. Charles decided that somebody should step up and at least try to bring things back, if not exactly the way they were, as close as possible. So he utilized all the software he had originally written for Bizarre TV, updated it, added a few extra features that had been in the planning stages during Rhonda’s illness, and with the help of LaDonna Murphy, and the Founding Lurkers, opened the first Portal on September 25th, 2018.

Charles maintains the hardware and software used to keep the portals open.


LaDonna, a graphics designer by trade, has been friends with Charles since a few years after he arrived in our ficton. With a love of the classic movies we show, she pours passion into what would otherwise be an endless stream of old horror and science fiction movies. Charles may be the technical mind behind OtherWorlds TV, but LaDonna is the driving force who takes his clinical outlook and shapes it into a more pleasing aspect that all Lurkers enjoy.

LaDonna designs the graphics we use, and curates the movies and filler we show.

Lurch the Computer

The computer that prepares the movies that you see on OtherWorlds TV is affectionately named Lurch, which as one Lurker puts it, is short for Lateral Universe Remote Communications Hub.

This perfectly describes Lurch’s function. It chooses the movies (using a specially-trained expert system) from our repository, does any formatting they need, uploads them to the broadcast servers, and schedules them for broadcast. It then watches the results of each week’s poll to see which movies get sent upstate to the Farm for a nice rest, and takes them there. Lurch learns what you enjoy watching, and tries to choose new movies each week based on that.