Not everyone is in front of the camera. It takes a lot of work behind the camera too. These are the people bringing their visions to life, opening themselves up to show you the worlds they see.

Apocalypse Pirate Motion Picture Company
Movie Studio

Apocalypse Pirate makes short films and videos. Their film Knock, Knock was the official selection of multiple film festivals including Scare-a-Con and the Big Terror Film Festival. They also have produced The Inner Geek Weekly (formally Collectibles Etc. weekly) a webshow for comic book news & reviews for the last 5 years.

Thomas “Sascratch” Berdinski
The Cult of Moi and Vous Film Producioni Company LLC

The half-sasquatch, half-robot, half-filmmaker from Muskegon, Michigan, Thomas Berdinski (aka “Sascratch”) is probably best known for his comic-horror homage to European horror films, “The Italian Zombie Movie”. Thomas has written, directed and edited independent features and short films and composed the music for several films including “Dawn of Dracula”, “The Lashman”, “Post Mortem America 2021” and a new horror thriller “Monsters Among Men” which he also co-produced. He is currently directing a new giant rubber monster movie starring his alter-ego “Sascratch” while playing lead guitar in a new surf band. Find him on Facebook at “The Cult of Moi and Vous Film Producioni Company LLC”.

Jerry Williams
Goat Boy Films

Jerry Williams is a writer/actor/filmmaker (Purvos, Flying Saucers over Fetishland, Zeppo: Sinners from Beyond the Moon, Astro Zap Kaboom, UFO crash in Kentucky, Astro Space Hero, and Space Bro). He is from Ohio but since moved to Lexington, Kentucky area. Jerry is deeply into UFO research and the paranormal.

Jerry is currently at work on his sci-fi parody web shows Astro Space Hero, Astro Zap Kaboom and Space Bro. He is producing a horror comedy show for INC Roku called ‘Dr. Tyranny’s Terrible TV.’

Jerry is also an actor along with Tucky Williams in the paranormal webseries Kentucky Paranormal Incidents by filmmaker Mark Holmberg of Iron Strike Productions.

Astro Space Hero ( is now in its 10th season. He has films available in DVD and VOD formats on Amazon and other platforms. Books written by Jerry Williams are Occult Secrets of the UFO, Monsters of the UFO, Elvis in the UFO and other Weirdness, and the poetry collections Citadel of Dreams, Signals from the 8th Tower, and Mermaid in the Crop Circle.

Connor Piper

“SCP ILLUSTRATED caters to all viewers with an appetite for visual horror and storytelling with in the SCP community. Enjoy the videos and the drawings. If you get a taste for them, head over to the channel to see more or join the Patreon for bonus videos and features.


All illustrations/drawings/sketches in this video are the property of Connor Piper, illustrator and owner of SCP ILLUSTRATED, all rights reserved. Please do not use any artwork or videos without first consulting the owner. Contact details can be found on the artist’s YouTube Channel.”

Shaun Springer
Slothberg Productions

Who is this Shaun Springer guy, and why is he so awesome?

Director, writer, ninja, editor, part-time lover, part-time fighter, and Astronaut enthusiast.

Shaun Springer is a pretty cool guy that you should know. His work includes directing short films, commercials, documentaries, and music videos. He has also worked professionally as a screenwriter, and script doctor.

He is the author of the children’s book “Nobody Cares About Jimmy,” and his favorite Batman is Kevin Conroy.

As for being so awesome… You’ll just have to find out for yourself.

Ron Purtee

Ron has always wanted to entertain. Be it his old local cable access show, to stand up comedy and finally writing and directing.

Ron got the directing bug when he and a group of friends in high school were going to make a short film based on Halloween. The urge never left him and then he finally made Becoming Undead. Later that year, The Social Media Massacre followed, and now a web series, based on the short of the same name.

Jesse James Hennessy
JJH Productions

Jesse James Hennessy, a writer, director, and editor, was born on May 9, 1980 in Grafton ND. Ever since his parents rented him a VHS camcorder over rad summer weekends back in the 80’s he has been making movies. He fell in love with horror flicks ever since he saw Evil Dead 2 and knew that he wanted to make some killer horror films of his own.

His influences range from David Lynch to Roman Polanski, Cronenberg to Carpenter, Argento to Raimi. He is also influenced by the music, style, and aesthetic of the 1980’s.

On set, Jesse surrounds himself with talented and genuine people while creating a positive, productive, and fun atmosphere that allows the best work possible to be made.

Jesse, now residing in Spokane, WA is a regular in local and international film contests with great acclaim. His current projects include his upcoming Night of the Witch, the Mr. Dark web series, and always a few others brewing in the cauldron.

John Koblek
Odd Stories for Odd Children.

Multitalented John Koblek has made a name for himself in both print and video. As an artist he is known for the “Forever 27” poster. He also, illustrated for L.Ron Hubbard’s “Writers of the Future” and created album covers for music artists including, Dog Fashion Disco, Polkadot Cadaver, and Circus of Dead Squirrels. As well as having countless art shows in PA, NY, and NJ.

As far as video, besides Odd Stories for Odd Children (Osfoc), he is the creator of the hit game, 123 Slaughter Me Street.

What is Osfoc? Koblek gives us this introduction, “Long before cell phones and the internet that we know today, our entertainment came from animatronic talking creatures filled with batteries the size of your fist. They would watch you sleep at night but most importantly, they would take you on long journeys where your imagination would take over. Innocent, happy, simple times of yesteryear. Well, much like everything else today, Osfoc is a twisted perversion of those times!

Meet Osfoc and Cirrhosis the Wolf as they go on adventures in hell? Maybe. I honestly have no idea. Let’s go with that for now. I’ll probably edit that part out later. They sing songs, get neutered by socks, and meet really special… guests.

Stay as long as you like, but I wouldn’t.”

You can find him on Twitter.

Funny Craft Beer Reviews

No Lurkers, he’s not on the menu, he’s part of the entertainment.  We have no idea how he got through the portal but he’s funny, so we are letting him stay.  Kevin is a Philadelphia born stand up comic and podcaster.  His jokes topics include everything from daily interactions with strangers to how his self esteem is so low that he is no longer in his own dreams. Kevin also co-hosts the weekly Hard Feelings Podcast. In 2015 Kevin made his television debut on ‘Gotham Comedy Live” on AXS TV. He has also appeared on Laughs on FOX, The Bennington Show on Sirius XM and was selected to participate in the Boston Comedy Festival.

Len Binning and Jim Slay
Len and Jim Take Over

After years of goofing around at parties, or making people laugh with their music on stage, long time friends Len Binning and Jim Slay found that entertainment is what made the “disabled duo” a perfect match for a video podcast. Bringing their brand of humor to the internet felt like the right thing to do. Len and Jim Take Over is informative comedy, schticks and skits, and movie reviews. They don’t stick to a particular formula, so skits and reviews are just some of the things you’ll see on their show. To sum it up, they are just two guys wanting to make people laugh.