The people you see in front of the camera, introducing you to the worlds nestled within the minds of the movie creators. It’s not easy, and doesn’t pay much (if anything), but that’s not why they do it.

Creature Features

Mother was a frustrated script writer, dad’s car broke down in front of our house. Mom doesn’t talk much about their whirlwind romance but she wrote a screen play about it. They made a movie out of it, got some awards too I think. I’ve never seen it. It’s called Misery? So I’m left to my own devices here in my childhood bedroom in the attic going thru movies and Dad’s old things.

Oliver’s Twisted Bargain Basement Midnight Movie Stoner Friendly Freak Show

With a title so long even the late Linda Lovelace would call it “a mouthful”, and a budget so small starving children in Africa should start sending us money, this homage to cheesy b-movie creature feature horror shows hopes to transport it’s viewers back to those glorious pre-cable days before infomercials and 24 hour broadcasting, when the last stop on the cathode ray highway was the late, late movie!

Hosted by a retired serial killer named Oliver, who cuts up movies now (instead of people), and his chemically dependent sidekick, Horse Head Ed, the show promises to, at the very least, keep you scratching your head. It’s a show that features everything you could hope for: rubber masks, bad CGI, Oedipal complexes, action figure nudity, and only the best of the worst horror, sci-fi, and exploitation available… (in the Public Domain)…

Dr. Destruction’s Crimson Theatre

Artist, Actor, and Godfather of Goth for 30 Years, Dr. Destruction is a very busy fiend. When he is not hosting his long-run horror show Dr. Destruction’s Crimson Theatre, you may find him performing with his band The Roosevelt Dolls, or on the radio with Dr. Destruction’s Big Top Radio Broadcast.

Miss Misery’s Movie Massacre

When Miss Misery was a little girl she remembers seeing her first horror movie: John Carpenters Halloween. It was at that moment she fell in love with being scared. She then decided she wanted to give back to the Horror community and make her way into the genre she bleeds for. She began following around her film buddies and helping them out on set and acting in their films. She bought books and relied on the internet to teach her everything she needed to know. From there she created her production company Last Doorway Productions in hopes of bringing a little more horror to the world (never a bad thing). Since then she has written feature scripts, and created a series of short films, which she has produced, written, directed and even starred in.

Labeled by the press as “The Queen of Horror in the Bay Area”, Miss Misery runs the the yearly A Nightmare to Remember Horror Film fest in San Francisco.

Riggor Mortiss Presents

Riggor and the lovely Nyte Angel are the hosts of Riggor Mortiss Presents. This family-oriented horror movie show is good fun for scaring kids of all ages.

The Basement of Baron Morbid

From the wilds of Kalamazoo, Michigan Baron Morbid is the co-host of The Basement of Baron Morbid along with his trustworthy assistant Jacques Strahp.

Formerly Crappics

Walt Sydney was the victim of a grossly negligent clerical error at a research hospital when he was cryonically frozen by mistake for about 45 years.  After the error was recognized and he was medically thawed, he emerged as Freezer Mortis.  He is forever struggling with his budding mutant climate control powers from the genetic alterations that occurred in his DNA during his time on ice.  He sports a lower than normal body temperature and partially freeze dried brain, but mostly he just a is dolt who enjoys obscure films. 

Freezer Mortis does have an occasional guest host for the show while he is off traveling,  usually it’s Dr. Augutus Posterios or Vladimar Wakoff (pronounced with a “V”)

It Came From The Basement

From the recesses and basements of our minds there is usually some strange character lurking there. In this case, it’s Uncle Edward, host of “It Came From the Basement,” where he digs up some groovy, moldy-oldie movies, cartoons, shorts, and trailers, as well as some other “basement friends” and reminds everyone to “Stay weird my friends—just stay weird.

Dale Streble (Uncle Edward) also works on other projects including short films and has appeared in the Jerry Williams film, Bride of the Saucer Monster as well as multiple appearances in Jerry William’s space serials including “Astro Space Hero” and “Astro Zap Kaboom.”

The Midnight Massacre Theatre

Greetings… Ghoulish ones! Come, Indulge Ye Wickedness and witness the catastrophe of horrors that is The Midnight Massacre Theatre!!! Where the Sinister Minister (Sean L. Smith) presides over the collection and desecration of as many souls as is comprehensible through the hypnotic embrace of the Chap-Hell of Horror…And the relentless late night TV “Massacre” of Classic and “B” Horror Films. He is assisted by The Altargirls; Serpentina, (Grace Smith), Calypso, (Calypso Diver Godiva), Dommiana, (Olivia Rose), and The SnakeBabe, (Maria Gara).

The Sinister Minister likes to spend his time away from his unholy duties hosting The Black Mass, a weekly 2 hour soul-scorching metal show on Loaded Radio, and performing as part of the band Kaos Bender and the Traveling Trailer Park.


Deadgar’s Dark Coffin Classics

Deadgar’s Dark Coffin Classics is a horror/comedy show that is shown on, KCM ch.14 and on BEL TV ch. 25 and ch. 53 in Fresno CA as well as on Fridays here at OtherWorlds Television.

Known as your Rock n Roll Vampire and the Spicy Sexy Witches of DDCC, the show is hosted by Deadgar Winter along with co-hosts by Celeste Parker and Morgan Parker.

The show is in it’s 8th season of running on television and has won numerous awards including Producer of the Year for Deadgar Winter. They like to show old horror/sci-fi classics along with some newer ones that they get permission to show as well as also independent films. They love to promote music and local businesses by having them on their show. Instead of having sidekicks on the show, they have Deadgar’s Deadgirls.

They like to bring a new twist to hosting horror movies by taking it to the limit and having a blast on the show. Deadgar is always the one that has to try Celeste’s and Morgan’s potions that doesn’t always turn out right. If you know what mean!


Ned the Dead’s Chiller Theatre

Late one night, over 30 years ago, a legend was born… Ned the Dead took to the airwaves of Northeast Wisconsin (and the UP!!!). From “Chiller Theater”, to “Ned the Dead’s Demented Drive-in”, back to “Chiller Theater”, and finally “The Ned the Dead Show starring Doc Moreau”, Saturday nights always held something really good from really bad movies.

Sadly, in the Fall of 2010, Ned “went dark” as they say. Although no longer on the air, the memory of the craziness created by Ned and Doc lives on in the hearts and minds of the tens of loyal fans. Who knows if they will ever return with new episodes, but now, thanks to the magic of the internet, you can now relive the looniness and irreverence of Saturday nights past.

Beware Theater

Arachna of the Spider People (Alexis Hmielak) grew up in Pittsburgh, Pa. watching Chiller Theater with Chilly Billy Cardille every Saturday night. It instilled a love of the old classic black and white horror and syfy movies and inspired her to be a horror host. Many years later, and now in Fort Collins, Colorado, she has resurrected that dream and created Beware Theater to celebrate the monochromatic magic of classic horror movies from the golden age of black and white. Bad acting. Bad directing. Lame Monsters. Cheezy Special Effects – lots of creepy fun.

Lord Blood-Rah’s Nerve Wrackin’ Theatre

Lord Blood-Rah is the geeky creation of Frank Wallace-Ailsworth, himself a life long horror and sci-fi geek.

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 60’s/early 70s, Frank was introduced to genre films, both classic and not so classic, through the legendary TV horror host show Creature Features hosted by Bob Wilkins.

The combination of monster classics like Frankenstein and The Wolf Man, as well as lesser cult films like The Beast of Yucca Flats and Attack of the Mushroom People, with Wilkins’ dry witty commentary became the inspiration that would drive the creation of Lord Blood-Rah in 2009.

In that year a close friend, Damian Chouinard, winemaker at the Chouinard Winery in Castro Valley, Ca., decided he would like to start showing horror and science fiction films at the winery. It was suggested he should have a host for these events and, when no other host was forthcoming, Frank got the job.

Relying on his study of voice acting and improvisation, Frank created the character of Lord Blood-Rah; the self proclaimed High Lord of Geekdom, a proud Geek who lives to spread the love of off-beat and imaginative genre films to all those ready to “Geek Out”.

On September 12th, 2009 Lord Blood-Rah took the stage at the Chouinard Winery to host the original Roger Corman camp horror film The Little Shop of Horrors, and Lord Blood-Rah’s Nerve Wrackin’ Theatre was born.

Since then, Lord Blood-Rah has hosted Lord Blood-Rah’s Nerve Wrackin’ Theatre LIVE at the Chouinard Winery every Friday Night each September, as well as many other live genre film events throughout the years including: The 80th Anniversary of Frankenstein and Dracula at the BAL Theatre, San Leandro, Zombie Day at the Rheem Theatre, Moraga (with special guest John Russo, screen writer of Night of the Living Dead), a run of genre shows at The New Parkway in Oakland and countless more each year.

In 2010 Lord Blood-Rah became the official host of the annual Drunken Zombie International Horror Film Festival in Peoria, Illinois.

In 2013, Lord Blood-Rah’s Nerve Wrackin’ Theatre made the leap to television and the web. Now Geeks, Geekerellas, Geekulas and Geekeritas all over the country, and the world online, join Lord Blood-Rah in Blood-Rah Manor each week as he presents the best, worst and wildest horror and sci-fi films ever made

Mistress Malicious
Mistress Peace Theatre

Mistress Peace Theatre is an internet spin off of the much beloved, “Bordello of Horror” horror host TV show. It is hosted by Mistress Malicious with the intent of delivering classic horror movies, public domain material, comedy, music, and more…

Mistress’ many talents include acting oblivious to reality and leaving others confused about what is really going on….Mistress Malicious is in search of the one thing we seem to all have in common…PEACE and SECURITY…Through a series of trials and mishaps….Will she find it ?


Lord Vog
Space Theatre

Lord Vog is currently one of the only sci-fi horror host from outer space running strictly on Space fuel he host movies in the only floating theater in the cosmos beaming down to all you dimensional dwellers from space theater




Doctor Gool
Cooking with Doctor Gool

Doctor Gool is a different kind of horror host, and Cooking with Doctor Gool is a different kind of program. It’s not just a movie, it’s dinner as well! Learn to make an obscenely good meal while watching your movie! It’s something mom, dad, the kids, Spot, Harry, and your neighbor’s Llama can all enjoy!

“As a mad scientist and a ghoul, I feel I have a duty to bring to life the greatest dishes ever known! Bwa ha ha ha ha! It is my calling, and my very duty to bring you dinner with your movie! Always remember, Mad Science is not something you choose! Mad Science, (dramatic pause) chooses you! Ah! That’s philosophy, my friend! That’s deep. Write that down.”

Don O’Malley
Don’s Breakfast Serial

Growing up in the Cleveland Area in the late 1950’s – 1970’s I spent a lot of time in front of a TV set (first Black & White then in Living Color) watching some of our great Horror Hosts. Ghoulardi, Hoolihan and Big Chuck, Big Chuck & Lil John, SuperHost, The Ghoul, Frank & Drac, Commander USA and the list goes on.

When a Serial was played on the TV, I was glued to it.

I am a retired Firefighter, EMT, Paramedic & Fire Instructor. Father of two great sons, proof I breed in captivity! Both my lovely wife and I live in a home over a hundred years old full of antiques, comic books, movie posters , autographed pictures, pulp magazines and collectibles. Along with some stuff she has.

If you look close enough you can see some of my collection behind me when filming. I was on another show in the Cleveland area for three years, before branching out for my own show. You can still see some of the skits I wrote and acted in on their show.

I am Don O’Malley (Never Donald, only the good Nuns called me), and I hope you will Tune In and Stay Tuned to my show!

Deke Rivers and Grim Reaper
Tennessee Macabre

Tennessee Macabre descends upon Saturday night like a blood-hungry explosion of rubber celluloid Mexican bats from the dank cellar! Based in historic South Pittsburg, Tennessee, since its inception in 2016, this ghastly production features Grade B Creature Features straight from the rock n’ roll Drive-in vortex.

Hosted by the Grim Reaper (Duke Raulston) and Deke Rivers, the 1950s black leather motorcycle hepcat who just happens to be a werewolf (Neal Privett), the show features such late-night classics as The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, House on Haunted Hill, and The Little Shop of Horrors. Overseeing the ghoulish festivities is the 19th century poltergeist snob, Morty, with the pseudo-sophisticated Boris Karloff voice, who yearns for High Art and loathes the low budget fare championed by Grim and Deke. Joining in the mayhem is world famous luchador and vampire expert, Red Demon, martini swilling Latin lounge singer, Sin Pantalones, and many other personalities who lost their doomed souls to the power of the midnight silver screen.

Tennessee Macabre appears on the internet (Facebook, Youtube, and now Otherworlds TV), and also on local Saturday night television and radio station, WEPG….one of the few Horror Hosting shows retaining the now almost lost and classic connection to independent local television begun in the 1950s. Tune in to Tennessee Macabre for a few laughs, some premium moonshine, all the bloody popcorn you can eat, and the coolest spooky flicks you ever saw! Can you dig it? It’s gonna be a real HOWL! Owwwwooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Oliver “The Caretaker” Collins
Spine Chilling Cinema

As a gravedigger and caretaker of a cemetery, Oliver always had a love of the macabre. And with his ancestry of being a Collins, having a love for the supernatural is in his blood so to say.   Oliver first expressed his love of horror in the band The Fiendish Phantoms, with songs of horror and fright!  But that was just the beginning.

In March of 2018, Oliver made his first stab at being a horror host, having his show Spine Chilling Cinema on YouTube. A few months later he pitched the show to a local tv media center, and on April of 2018 Spine Chilling Cinema was airing on cable tv locally in the Madison/Sun Prairie area on KSUN.

Along with his co-host “The Queen of Shenanigans” Alice (which he met one day in the graveyard… well she was buried alive and Oliver saved her… well best he could, she is kinda undead you could say. And of course the trusty cat Bubbles, which luckily doesn’t have any fur, cause Oliver  is allergic to cats! They have all been bringing horror and wackiness to south central Wisconsin.  And now on OtherWorlds TV!